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Course Duration

1 Day

Course Dates

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Course Description

The QNUK Awarding Body for Compliance Level 2 Award in Food Safety is a one-day course, which has been designed to address the food safety and hygiene needs of the catering, manufacturing and retail sectors by providing relevant individuals with an awareness and understanding of the fundamentals of good food hygiene. The course is suitable for anyone working in a catering, manufacturing or retail setting where food is prepared, cooked and handled and is particularly suited to those who have already successfully completed the Level 1 Award in Food Safety.

Course Duration

The course duration is a one day programme.


Course Syllabus

A range of subjects are covered including:

  • Legislation

  • Food Safety and Hygiene Hazards

  • Temperature Control

  • Refrigeration, Chilling and Cold Holding

  • Cooking, Hot Holding and Reheating

  • Food Handling

  • Principles of Safe Food Storage

  • Cleaning of Food Premises and Equipment

Related courses

The course has been designed to allow it to be tailored to meet the needs of staff working in catering, manufacturing or the retail environments. Flexibility exists to provide more in depth training should this be required and we will of course be delighted to discuss your exact requirements.


Assessment Method

Students are required to undertake and successfully complete a multiple choice question paper examination. The course is QCF Accredited


Subject to successful assessment, all students will receive the Level 2 Food Safety Award of the QNUK Awarding Body for Compliance.

How do I book the Food Hygiene Level 2 course?

Please click on the button above to book and enrol on the course, or, contact the us either by calling 07540057755 or emailing

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Approach to training must give people the confidence to put into practice what they have learnt.


It is explained simply with as much hands on realistic practice as possible and is enjoyable, relaxed and fun!


We will always strive to meet your specific training needs by making it relvant to your setting.

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