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Course Duration

6 Hours

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Course description

This qualification is aimed at those required to undertake the role of a fire marshal in the workplace. The qualification builds on the QNUK Level 1 Award in Fire Awareness in the workplace (RQF)


Learning outcomes:

Understand the hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace

List the elements of the fire triangle

Outline methods of smoke and fire spread

Give examples of how the risk of fire can be lowered in a workplace

Know how to use a range of fire controls

List common fire controls in a workplace

Explain how to use a range of fire controls including Fire exits and fire doors

Explain the importance of clear routes or travel

Describe how to use a range of portable fire extinguishers

Understand the importance of a prompt and safe evacuation of the workplace

Outline the actions to be taken on hearing a fire alarm

Outline how a safe evacuation can be undertaken in a workplace

Outline how members of the public and visitors should be alerted to the presence of a potential fire

Know how to support individuals during an evacuation

Outline what is meant by the term personal emergency evacuation plan

Explain when a personal emergency evacuation plan would be implemented

List ways of supporting an individual during an evacuation

Understand the roles of the fire marshal in the workplace

Explain the actions to be taken by a fire marshal during an evacuation

Outline how to undertake a search of a workplace

Outline the information that should be passed to the emergency services

Outline the day-to-day duties of a fire marshal

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