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LEVEL 3 Fire Risk Assessing

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Course Duration

1 Day

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Course description


This qualification is aimed at those undertaking fire risk assessments in low risk, non complex businesses. The qualification follows the principles of fire risk assessment as outlined in the Fire reform (Fire safety) order 2005. Those attending will benefit by having some fire safety knowledge.


Understand how a fire risk assessment can contribute to a safer work environment

State the main causes of harm in relation to workplace fires

List the main costs associated with a fire in the workplace in relation to employers, employees and the wider society.

Outline the duties and responsibilities of employers, employees and others with respect to fire safety


Outline how fire safety legislation is enforced and the penalties for non-compliance.

Describe the legal provisions for undertaking and implementing a fire risk assessment

Understand the principles of a fire risk assessment

Describe what is meant by the term ‘risk assessment’.

Outline the necessary competencies of a fire risk assessor.

State sources of advice and information that can support the undertaking of a fire risk assessment.

Describe the stages involved in a typical workplace fire risk assessment.

Outline the requirements for recording, monitoring, reviewing and revising fire risk assessments.

Complete a fire risk assessment of a work environment

Identify hazards in relation to a fire in the workplace

Identify those that may be harmed by a workplace fire and how this harm may occur

Evaluate the level of risk created by fire hazards

Suggest appropriate controls to reduce the risk of a fire in the workplace to an acceptable level

Record the findings of the fire assessment

Complete a fire risk assessment report

Produce a report outlining hazards and controls identified within a fire risk assessment

Justify the reasons for implementing recommended control measures.

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