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Health and Safety Consultancy: Here is Everything You Need to Know!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

According to a survey, “the 123 worker fatalities in 2021/22 gives rise to a fatal injury rate of 0.38 deaths per 100,000 workers taking employment levels into account.” Safe working practices do not happen by chance- hard work and determination by everyone in your organisation make this happen.

As a trusted health and safety consultancy, we ensure your workplace complies with all rules and regulations, causing almost no injuries or accidents. This awareness benefits everyone- from the senior management has to count the cost of lost productivity when employees get incapacitated to those most likely to get injured. This blog will help you know everything related to this topic for a better understanding!

Build Health and Safety in Your Workplace DNA!

However, while seeking to build health and safety into your corporate DNA for a safer working environment, you must follow a few things. Here you go!

1. Secure Management

You must know an organisational change begins at the top. It is management who determines corporate goals and who enacts cultural change after all. It means the senior management must publicly dedicate itself to elevating standards across the business.

Additionally, with an initial internal announcement declaring these new goals, the managers will frequently re-state their commitment to improve health and safety and demonstrate best-practice principles at every opportunity. So, everyone in the business can see them “practising what they preach.”

SM Safety Training & Consultancy
SM Safety Training & Consultancy

2. Set Goals and Rewards

With the help of our highly experienced health and safety consultancy, you can incorporate awareness into your business principle. In this case, management should also set goals and targets to ensure these commitments are more than empty sentiments. You can start from as basic as a general “x number of days” without incident on-site or even attempt to reduce “near misses”.

You may also consider providing rewards as an incentive for the employees or workers to try and reach these goals. Though it may seem like an inappropriate way to grab the staff's attention, it works in the longer term. However, these benefits must not be purely financial either; consider inviting employees to convey their suggestions, allowing them to own a stake in the program.

3. Include Health and Safety as an Integral Part of Training

One of the prime reasons for neglecting health and safety training is insufficient knowledge and enthusiasm. So, be sure that the health and safety aspects get emphasised whenever an employee receives training for a particular workplace. It will help you make your employees understand the importance of a health and safety consultancy. Also, you can grow fondness in them and inform them how essential this training is for their welfare and your business.

Remember, every course needs to consider health and safety, and it goes beyond mere induction training. Even toolbox talks must contain an element of working more safely, minimising the risk factors as much as possible.

Common Myths about Workplace Risk Assessments Busted!

Here are five myths you need to explore before your business comes under investigation by the HSE. Keep scrolling down!

Self-employed Professionals Get Exemption

More self-employed people know that they have to get exemption from health and safety laws by the law. It means that legally you will not have to bear the risk assessment responsibilities. But, there is much more to this history than the headlines that self-employed business experts need to explore.

According to the rule, the exemption only applies when “your work activity poses no potential risks to the health and safety of other workers or members of the public.” Otherwise, you must contact a sincere health and safety consultancy. So, you have two options- hire our trainers for the best training or carry out a basic risk assessment to ensure that your activities meet those criteria.

The Contractors can Alone Tackle the Necessary Risk Assessments!

Generally, all subcontractors think that the principal contractor has carried out all the necessary risk assessments and that the safeguards are in place when arriving at the worksite. You should confirm that the paperwork is in place and your employees understand what gets expected from them for the safety of your employees. Take a few responsibilities on your shoulder to ensure the security in the place.

SM Safety Training & Consultancy Ltd

Only the Contractors Are Responsible for the Risk Managements

The contractors sometimes may assume that risk assessment responsibility gets also transferred while outsourcing tasks to subcontractors. You may not know a principal contractor should ensure the subcontractors provide the risk assessments and offer adequate protection for all parties.

Our expert trainers from our health and safety consultancy will also teach you to balance such a situation. Always remember, the owners or employers are responsible for the welfare of their employees. You can see our Facebook and Twitter.

Employees Ignore the Risk Assessments, so It is not Important!

Generally, workers take shortcuts or ignore explicit instructions due to their lack of knowledge regarding its consequences. It may place the staff at risk of injury. So, just because the employees do not pay heed to this does not mean you can choose not to carry them out. Instead, you must take strict steps to make them learn the skills! So, encourage everyone to protect themselves better and take necessary precautions when in need.

It is a One-time Exercise

If the above-stated statement is your concept, then you must upgrade this thought. The risk assessment in your workplace should evolve as conditions change on the worksite. It will ensure our professionals continue to address issues faced by your employees and make a safer environment for better performance and increased productivity. So, stay in touch with us and call us when in need. You can see our Instagram page also.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, this blog has been helpful for you, especially when you have many misconceptions regarding a health and safety consultancy. In this case, you can contact us because we are a renowned company that ensures proper training and safety in your workplace. You may read a few more blogs or ask us for more details. We would love to hear from you and help you accordingly!

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