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What Are COSHH Courses? The ABCs You Need To Know!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

COSHH-you may have heard the term earlier if you belong to an industry that works with hazardous substances. Basically, it is a set of regulations that protect workers and ensures safety.

What? Have you heard the word the first time? And wondering exactly what COSHH courses stand for? Keep reading this blog! We are here with complete information on COSHH. The meaning of this training, how these regulations mean for your business- everything you will get to know from this post. Stay tuned!

What Does The Course COSHH Mean?

The complete form of COSHH is ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health.’ It is a set of rules to protect workers from illness when working with harmful or hazardous substances and materials.

Braking of COSHH rules by any worker or recruiter is a crime. They will be punishable by an unbounded fine.

This course got developed to control exposure to hazardous substances. A COSHH training focuses on the risk factors and hazards related to harmful substances in a workplace. It helps find answers to the following questions:

  • In what way are the materials or elements risky to health?

  • What kind of tasks or jobs lead to exposure to this substance?

  • Is there any concerning area?

The COSHH regulations have been developed almost 25 years ago. Follow our Facebook for more information.


What Are The Substances That Include In This Course?

Any form of hazardous material is included under these regulations, like solids, fumes, liquids, fibres, dust, vapours, gases, nano-particles, mists and some biological agents. It means things that are harmful to our health fall in this segment. You can not blow the risk of injury because of an explosion while working with dangerous substances.

The fact is millions of people work in severe environments. And the effects of poor management and no safety protocol can lead to fatal accidents. So we recommend opting for enrolling in COSHH courses. You can see our Instagram also.

Not only accidents but working in the midst of harmful substances can also welcome fatal diseases such as asbestosis. The report says this disease can take away the lives of 13,000 people per year. Along with that, work-related skin problems are common in the workplace. There are 7,000 fresh cases reported every year.

Hence, workplaces must provide sufficient information or get enrolled their employees in COSHH courses to mitigate risk and injury. The recruiters must ensure they follow protocols too. a

Business owners can save time and money and be more effective by following the COSHH rules. How? This way, you can reduce absenteeism. And the chances of hiring another staff with high pay in the middle of an emergency. Also, you can prevent replacing trained workers.

So do not hesitate to take up COSHH courses for your workers. It is a better way to offer a full understanding of what is and is not included by COSHH.

COSHH Employer Responsibilities

Yes! Being an employer, you have a number of duties regarding COSHH laws. These are:

  • Exposure - Recruiters must control exposure to hazardous materials. They can introduce personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary.

  • Control Measures - Implement control measures that are necessary for places that comprise hazardous substances. You need to ensure these substances get handled by experts and kept up to date.

  • Instruction - Being a responsible employee, provide proper information, and training to your employees. You can take up COSHH courses for the betterment of your workers with hazardous substances.

  • Procedures - Having procedures and regulations in a workplace help to deal with accidents and fatal situations comprising hazardous substances.

  • Surveillance - Make sure your workers exposed to risky materials are under supervision.

  • Limits - You need to ensure the use of those elements doesn’t exceed the WEL or Workplace Exposure Limit.

Employee Responsibilities

Along with employers, employees have some responsibility too. They need to confirm that jobs get carried out in a safe manner. They should ensure no harmful incident happens to themselves or their colleagues. These are:

  • Safety - Assist their colleagues in creating a safe working atmosphere. This type of attempt can include supporting workers to abide by the COSHH regulations.

  • Procedures - Follow the rules, safety precautions and procedures to stop accidents and overexposure.

  • PPE (personal protective equipment) - Yes! The best thing to wear while working in a risky environment. The correct PPE kit can protect the eyes and other body parts. So, ensure all PPE kits get stored in the appropriate place beforehand.

  • Check-ups - Attend health check-ups from time to time.

  • Cleaning - keep clean the office place by following cleaning guidelines.

  • Training - Keep themselves up to date with COSHH courses provided by the owners.

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Bottom Line!

For COSHH courses, choose a trustworthy online source. We aim to train people and boost their confidence. The bodies like IOSH, CITB, and OFQUAL certified us. Go through our other blogs to gain more information!

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