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What is a Health and Safety Audit, and why have one?

Written by Steve Mullan SM Safety Training & Consultancy Ltd


What is a Health & Safety Audit and why have one? SM Safety Training & Consultancy Ltd
What is a Health & Safety Audit and why have one?

A Health and Safety Audit is a systematic, independent, and documented process of evaluating an organisation's health and safety management system. It aims to ensure compliance with relevant health and safety legislation, such as the UK Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. The audit also helps identify potential hazards, evaluate risks, and implement appropriate control measures to minimize accidents and work-related illnesses.

A health and safety policy are a written document outlining an organisation's commitment to ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of its employees and others affected by its activities. It typically consists of three main sections: a policy statement, responsibilities, and arrangements. The policy guides the organisation's approach to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

The Health and Safety Audit is conducted through several key areas, including:

· Reviewing the health and safety policy

· Evaluating risk assessments

· Assessing training and competency

· Verifying emergency procedures

· Examining communication and consultation

· Evaluating monitoring and review systems

· Ensuring legal compliance

· Inspecting equipment and work environments

· Assessing management commitment

Having an external auditor like SM Safety Training & Consultancy provides you a competent person to help you manage your Health & Safety, other benefits such as:

1. Objectivity: External auditors offer an unbiased perspective, ensuring that the audit findings are accurate and reliable, free from any internal influence or bias.

2. Expertise: SM Safety Training & Consultancy has the necessary experience and knowledge to conduct thorough health and safety audits and provide recommendations for improvement.

3. Staff Training: They offer a wide range of health and safety courses, such as IOSH Managing Safely, Fire Safety, First Aid, Manual Handling, and COSHH, which can help organisations create a safe working environment and promote a culture of safety awareness.

4. Compliance with Standards: SM Safety Training & Consultancy recognises the importance of maintaining international standards like ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems), helping organisations adhere to these standards and continually improve health, safety, and environmental performance.

5. Continuous Improvement: External auditors can identify areas for improvement, enabling organisations to enhance their health and safety management systems and reduce the risk of accidents and work-related illnesses.

In summary, a Health and Safety Audit is essential for ensuring compliance with UK health and safety legislation, reducing risks, and creating a safer working environment. Partnering with SM Safety Training & Consultancy for audits and staff training offers objectivity, expertise, and assistance in maintaining international standards, promoting continuous improvement in health and safety performance. SM Safety Training & Consultancy can.

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