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Exploring Our Health and Safety Training Courses

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Health and safety within the workplace are paramount, and if you are an employer you need to ensure that you are fully trained in the necessary general health and safety practices. This is where health and safety courses can help; providing you with accredited and recognised training that will help you and your employees within the workplace.

There are a wide range of health and safety training courses to choose from, and we want to explore with you just a few of our health and safety training courses that we provide; the IOSH Managing Safely Course, the Health & Safety Level 2 Course, and the Risk Assessing Level 3 Course.

Alongside the health and safety courses mentioned above, we have a number of others to choose from as we offer our customers a fully comprehensive suite of training and qualifications in health and safety. We provide our training to businesses and individuals who want to gain knowledge and skills in the occupational health and safety sector, with our high-quality courses at competitive prices.

To learn more about some of our leading online health and safety training courses available at SM Safety Training & Consultancy, why not contact us on the methods at the bottom of this post?

IOSH Managing Safely Course

The IOSH Managing Safely Course is the ideal course for ensuring managers in any industry are up to speed with the skills that they need to tackle occupational health and safety issues within the workplace. It offers practical step-by-step practice guidelines to users and is easy to digest and understand no matter your current level of knowledge of health and safety. It is designed to provide managers with the confidence and enthusiasm that they need in the workplace regarding health and safety, and to improve the safety awareness culture within your organisation.

The IOSH Managing Safely Course ensures that you can assess and control risks and hazards, understand your own responsibilities for health and safety, investigate any incidents that might occur, and much more. It has 7 modules, and is assessed in two methods; a 45-minute paper assessment and a workplace health and risk assessment using the standard IOSH form.

The course takes 3 days to complete, and is completed virtually via Microsoft Teams. The IOSH Managing Safely course costs £300.

Health & Safety Level 2 Course

The Health & Safety Level 2 Course is for anyone who wants to gain the general knowledge needed for health and safety management within the workplace. It can be used in a wide range of industries, and be undergone by managers or by your employees. In order to have a safe working environment, all employees should have a strong knowledge of health and safety practices and legislations which is why this is a fantastic course for anyone looking to up their knowledge in this area. It is a nationally recognised and accredited Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace (QCF) occupational safety certificate.

It provides you with the vital knowledge that you need to help prevent accidents and ill health in the workplace risks for employees, customers, and any potential contractors or visitors who may come to your workplace. You will learn about the roles and responsibilities for health, safety responsibilities and welfare in the workplace, how risk assessments contribute to health and safety, how to identify and control risks, and much more.

This course takes 6 hours to complete, and is also a fully virtual online course. The Health and Safety Level 2 Course costs £55.

Risk Assessing Level 3 Course

The Risk Assessing Level 3 Course is a qualification that is aimed at those undertaking fire risk assessments in low-risk, non-complex businesses. It follows the principles of the fire risk assessment, as outlined in the fire reform (fire safety) order 2005. This course outlines the duties and responsibilities of employers, employees and others with respect to fire safety in a business. It is best suited to those who have responsibility conducting risk assessments, like site managers, supervisors, and team managers.

You will learn about how fire safety legislation is enforced, understand the principles of a fire risk assessment, the stages involved, how to identify hazards, how to evaluate risks created by fire hazards, how to complete fire risk assessment reports and much more.

The course is held in person in Amesbury and costs £55.

Health and Safety Courses at SM Safety Training & Consultancy

Our mission is to always strive to meet our customer's specific training needs, and provide them with courses and online courses that meet their unique business requirements. We are accredited with Ofqual, CITB, IOSH, and many more awarding bodies so you can trust that when you study with us you are in completely safe hands.

Additionally, we have a number of other manual handling courses to choose from such as our Fire Safety Course, our Fire Warden Level 2 Course, our Manual Handling Level 2 Course, our COSHH Level 2 Course, our Risk Assessing Level 2 Course, and our Food Hygiene Level 2 Course.

Contact SM Safety Training & Consultancy Today

To enquire regarding taking one of our safety and health training courses and manual handling courses why not contact us today? You can fill out our online contact form regarding your course enquiry, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your learning requirements further. You can also reach us by giving us a call on 01980 731706, or by sending us an email to

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