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Is IOSH Managing Safely Course Considered A Good Qualification?

Updated: May 20, 2023

Being a business owner, you must know your responsibility towards your employees regarding health and safety. And that is why the IOSH Managing safely course may not be unfamiliar to you.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health is the world’s biggest market leading health and safety membership body. It is a UK-based body offering professional certifications like this to raise health and safety awareness in the business place.

So the answer to the question, “is IOSH managing safely a good qualification?” is yes! Why? Read the blog!

Why Should You Enrol Yourself In The IOSH Managing Safely Course?

An Ideal Foundation For Further Study

Yes! This course is considered an ideal foundation for further study for candidates pursuing a career in the health and safety professionals sector. It will even create opportunities to get qualifications from the prestigious National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH).

Helps Double Your Productivity

The IOSH Managing safely course can increase your employee’s productivity by reducing the disruption caused by illness and accidents. After having the training, managers, super visitors, and team leaders have learnt the best ways to predict the worst situations. And therefore prevent health, safety and wellbeing risks and hazards.

Employees Have Complete Understanding Of Their Responsibilities

All managers and team leaders of your organisation will understand their responsibilities for health and safety adviser with your workplace hazards. They cannot identify common hazards, but also evaluate the situation with confidence. And lessen the risk factor by applying the risk assessment control method you learn during the IOSH Managing safely course.

Helps Understand and Apply HSE Legislation!

You may get surprised to know that this course helps team leaders and supervisors thoroughly understand and apply HSE legislation within the office area. And you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your managers are operating with UK safety and health responsibilities measures laws.

Does Not Cost Your Valuable Time

You can complete the IOSH Managing safely course in as little as three days if you choose the right institution. Though the timeframe also depends on what type of learning method you choose.

If you choose an in-house, a classroom, or a bespoke IOSH Managing safely course, it will take a minimum of three days.

Helps You Serve The Society

Yes! It helps you to serve society better than you can lend your hand after an incident occurs in a business space. So try to book the courses for your managers and team leaders so they can extend their hand to the community after a severe health and safety performance issue.

Gives You A Clear Track Record Of Responsible Management

With all our training providers, approved training providers line managers and team leaders means you can rest assured of having responsible management in your business. You can also sharpen your managing safety skills with this course. This way, you can maintain your business’s excellent reputation and, therefore, continue to create good business for you,

The IOSH Qualifications Never Expire!

Last but not least! The qualification never expires! That means your employers don’t need to renew their knowledge in a fresh course every year. Although it does not mean that you should ever do another IOSH managing safely exam again.

You can always brush up on your management responsibilities with the latest HSE legislation so you can consistently perform.

Bottom Line!

Consider a quality assured company for IOSH Managing safely course. Our Managing Safely ® course will help you enhance your awareness regarding safety in your business. This course also increases productivity and enhances your reputation within your supply chain by embedding safety and health awareness culture across the organisation. Look at our website and visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts to get more insight into training provider!

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